Two Bits (book)

หนังสือ Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software โดย Christopher M. Kelty อาจารย์มานุษยวิทยาที่มหาวิทยาลัยไรซ์

อ่านฟรี (PDF – ครีเอทีฟคอมมอนส์ by-nc-sa)

คำบรรยายสรรพคุณ จากใบปลิว:

Drawing on ethnographic research that took him from an
Internet healthcare start-up company in Boston to media
labs in Berlin to young entrepreneurs in Bangalore, Kelty
describes the technologies and the moral vision that bind
together hackers, geeks, lawyers, and other Free Software
advocates. In each case, he shows how their practices and
way of life include not only the sharing of software source
code but also ways of conceptualizing openness, writing
copyright licenses, coordinating collaboration, and proselytizing. By exploring in detail how these practices came
together as the Free Software movement from the 1970s to
the 1990s, Kelty also considers how it is possible to understand the new movements emerging from Free Software:
projects such as Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that creates copyright licenses, and Connexions, a
project to create an online scholarly textbook commons.

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