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A computer scientist and anthropologist by training. Arthit started his career in 2000 as a software localization engineer in a company with the motto “The Network is the Computer”. He then later joined academic and industrial artificial intelligence research groups, in journalism and medical domains. Since 2006, he is giving consultation and working for a number of organizations involving ICT for developments, internet freedom, journalism, and information rights, like Mekong ICT Camp, Campaign for Popular Media Reform, Creative Commons Thailand, Opendream, and Thai Netizen Network. In 2012, he finished his anthropology master from a university near Bangkok’s backpacker haven, with a thesis on cultural politics on Thai online social network during the time of national conflicts.

Apart from digital rights work and university teachings on the topics of technology and society, he is also since late 2017 working as an AI product owner for a technology company in Bangkok. In the last decade, Arthit travels in Southeast Asia and East Asia and contributes regularly to #barcamp, local civic technology workshops, and digital rights conferences. Tweeting tweeting as @bact.

A 2013 interview, about his life & work, on The Nation newspaper.

Thai Netizen Network

Some of you may find my name and this blog because of my work for Thai Netizen Network. Here is a short information about the group (in 79 words):

Foundation for Internet and Civic Culture is a group that work for the protection and advancement of civil rights that connected to the digital environment. The Bangkok-based group was founded in late 2008 under the name Thai Netizen Network as a response to online expression limitations imposed after the coup in 2006, particularly the Computer-related Crime Act of 2007. Since then, the group expands its work to areas like data protection, digital self-determination, and participatory governance of the internet.

Online Profiles

Arthit in Deep South Media Forum at Yala (photo by SingFireWire.com)pedestrian signA shot from a toilet in a Chinese airport
International Brigades flagIt's me! :)Southpark-style Art

The Scotsman 2005 - Edinburgh Cognitive Science and Natural Language graduates

Probably the first time I have my name on a newspaper lol. This is from 2005.

นอกจากบล็อกนี้ ก็มีเขียนบล็อกอื่น ๆ ด้วย เช่น วารสารศาสตร์ข้อมูล, ประชาไท บล็อกกาซีน, Facebook Notes


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