Anti-censorship website got blocked by Thai university and ISPs

Reports from Thai netizens to Thai Netizen Network‘s mailing list showing yet another attempt from Thai authorities to shut down any media that’s not on their side. Unsurprisingly (and that’s sad to say so), the time comes to Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT). Two commercial ISPs and one university have been reported that they blocked the anti-censorship blog.

It was found on Saturday 2009.04.25. Users who using Internet service of TOT, Buddy Broadband or Kasetsart University will not be able to access

Ministry of ICT recently admits they blocked nearly 9,000 urls, of which 6,200 are concerned as a treat to national security. Thai Netizen Network website reports the 66 Red-Shirt/Red-Shirted urls that MICT sent to every ISPs and major websites, urging them to entirely blocked the urls. Noted that this list does not included FACT’s url, but it got blocked anyway. With enough ignorance, the MICT block list also includes (a social network service), (a chat box service), and (a dynamic DNS service) — common services used by many Thai netizens and bloggers, orange or pink, watching AF TV or not.

The authorities probably expected that every Thai should sacrifices not just their rights and freedom, but also conveniences in everyday life in this time of Media War.

Fortunate enough, some ISPs can think by and for themselves (+their customers). While blocking almost every other urls in the MICT list, they don’t touch and OK, stupid enough, CSLoxinfo still blocked, a (Red-Shirt, huh?) IT news site.

I see necessity in this very situation to repeat it over that:
Government’s Security IS NOT EQUAL TO National Security.

ความมั่นคงของรัฐบาล ไม่เท่ากับ ความมั่นคงของรัฐ

Summary report on blockage:
Can’t access (BAD) from (at least) 3 ISPs: TOT, Buddy Broadband, Kasetsart University [source]

  • TOT – BAD (2009.04.25 13:07)
  • Maxnet – OK (2009.04.25 13:48)
  • Kasetsart – BAD (2009.04.25 14:32)
  • CAT HiNet – OK (2009.04.25 16:04)
  • Comcast (US) – OK (2009.04.25 16:36)
  • TOT – BAD (2009.04.25 17:15)
  • TOT – BAD (2009.04.25 17:33)
  • True – OK (2009.04.25 17:40)
  • TOT – BAD (2009.04.25 21:49)
  • True – OK (2009.04.25 23:14)
  • Buddy – BAD (2009.04.26 02:16)
  • CSLoxinfo – OK (2009.04.26 11:26)

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3 responses to “Anti-censorship website got blocked by Thai university and ISPs”

  1. โพสต์ไว้ที่ Global Voices ครับ

  2. mk: ขอบคุณครับแต่มันน่าจะเป็น "one university network and two ISPs blocked the site" นะไม่ใช่ 2 univs, 1 ISPลิงก์ตรง "his blog" ชี้ไปที่เมลกลุ่มแทน

  3. On Friday 2009.04.24, True also blocked FACT blog, to later unblock it on Saturday.Yesterday, 2009.04.27, CJ Hike of FACT also check with Mahidol University network, and found that the blog also got blocked there as well.On "good news", two netizens, both TOT users, reported that TOT has lifted the blockage.

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