First day in Potsdam

Halo. Now in Haus 24, 1.82. Institut für Linguistik, Uni Potsdam.

I’m going to work in the Project SUMMaR.

From the project info page – “SUMMaR is part of the BMBF project PINK (‘Plattform fuer INtelligente Kollaborationsportale’), a consortium of companies and universities from Berlin-Brandenburg, funded in the framework ‘Innovative regionale Wachstumskerne’.”

Travel info, this morning: U9 (underground) from Leopoldplatz to Zoologischer Garten station, then RE1 (rail) for Potsdam Hbf, then Bus 606 for Golm Hbf, and walk into the campus.
Note: ‘Hbf’, short for Hauptbahnhof (English translation), is something like “central station / main station”.

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