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from the book “KaosPilot A-Z – 2nd Edition”
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Entrepreneurial Profile 1

When looking for new students at the KaosPilots we go for those who already have an entrepreneurial profile or the potential to develop one. Because without the fundamental qualities that are prerequisites for operating as a positive cultural, social and business entrepreneur studying at the KaosPilots would be a pain in the ass! Better to find another educational environment to develop you talents.

KaosPilot Entrepreneur

The following ‘building blocks’ form what the school considers to be a good entrepreneurial profile for the students (and staff):

  • You’re not afraid of making mistakes. Because if you do you learn from them – fast. Which is why you know what to do differently next time you’re in a similar situation.
  • You think and act ‘economically’ in terms of money, time, resources and people.
  • You have a good – and focused – self-discipline. You like working – without necessarily becoming a workaholic.
  • You’re good at selling your message/story to partners like the public, the client, the staff, politicians, the bank, sponsors and the media.
  • You know your professional and personal limits and are good at delegating.
  • You’re good at inspiring yourself and your team. And aim to build the most competent and curious team possible.
  • You’re good at resolving conflicts. And communicate clearly and concisely without making personal projections.
  • You have an inner kick-starter and are good at motivating yourself.
  • You have a fighter spirit. And think it’s exciting to work with the uncertainty that’s an inevitable part of every new initiative.
  • You can perform when it really counts.

It’s not only during their education that students at the KaosPilots demonstrate entrepreneurial behavior. They continue to do so after graduation. As proven by an extensive research project with 326 business school students from Aarhus and Copenhagen and 40 KaosPilot students on their attitudes, behavior and expectations of the future (the majority were in the final stages of their education).

The report concluded that the students at the KaosPilots possess the right attitude for performing sucessfully in the New Creative Economy. What the investigation revealed was that:

  • 95% of KaosPilots have an idea for a business they’d like to start. Nine out of ten KaosPilot students expect to start a company within five years – and the rest within ten years.
  • Among the business students 58% had no business ideas. And the majority had no plans or expectations of starting their own business. Only one out of six were interested enough in entrepreneurship to expect to start their own business within five years.

And finally:

  • Three out of four KaosPilots would rather work for an upstart company than an established company. The exact opposite of the business school students.

Now we all know that this kind of report should be taken with a grain of salt. But it still gives a pretty good entrepreneurial profile of the students at the school. Which we’re more than happy about!

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