CNN is bad for kids

Good news & bad news.

Bad News: is now completely blocked by Thai (junta) government.
Try by yourself, you will be paused for a minute, then got a *fake* error message, “504 Gateway Timeout”.

Good News:
You can still access it via proxy servers abroad,
-OR- use “Tor” router program – an efficient way to circumvent Internet censorship.

Download Tor:

How to setup Tor (Thai):

About Tor (Thai):

FYI, according to FACT
Official block-list by Ministry of ICT :
13 Oct 2006 = 2,475 sites
11 Jan 2007 = 13,435 sites (500% increase)

Royal Thai Police states that they block 32,500+ sites.

see more :

Sign Freedom Against Censorship Thailand’s Petition

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