Flagging the soup of nations

walking around — alone — this night around few corners of London.

found two cars driving around Picadilly Circus, horning & flagging Greek’s flag — as they won over Czech in extra time, just an hour ealier.

not a long time after, it’s a Canada’s flag in Underground, District Line, way to Wimbledon.

before went there at Picadilly, just went for a Thai pub, Siam Sq near Earl’s Court station .. but later changed my mind and went to Picadilly instead.

on the way back to the Earl’s Court station, found a group of Thai teenagers .. 1 boy, 1 girl on the other side of the street, 3 girls at my side — I think one of them got drunk, since she can’t walk by herself and it seems like she just hit some post nearby. no, they didn’t noticed that I’m Thai.

may be there’re too many Thai people here. I’ve Kimuchi Ramen as my lunch today, at Brewer’s Cafe Ryu, a small Japanese noodle bar near Picadilly Circus (to be more precise, near Regent Street, I think .. but you have to walk further in a small road, not on a main street).

once I sat down; suddenly noticed that a table at my front left are Thais — they talking to each other quite loud, speaking Thai, on a topic of who’s gonna win tonight’s (football) match. actually, they talking about betting. just less than 5 mins later, another two girls came, sitting on my right (well, far right, not right by :P). and they start to notice that that table are Thais. so I said to them (2 girls) “Well, it seems like there’re all Thai people here”.

on my previous post, I said I posted it from easyInternetCafe. a couple at my back, at that time, is also Thai.

this is my 3rd day in London, and there’re only two meals that are not Thai food.

feel like home?


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  1. Wow, so I guess London's pretty flooded with Thai people, huh? Kind of surreal, don't you think? To be hanging around London and to hear voices that remind you of home. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. highstreet kensington, earl's court, king's road, and you didn't bump into ไอ้วิน just once?May be you can try Trafalgar square at night :D(been there, right?)ichris

  3. thx krub, BkksouL :)now I'm already in Edinburgh.anyway, i can't say that it really is a holiday a' krubChris, I just forgot wa' .. that Chavin is just nearby -_-"may be next (put another next here, as much as you like) time.one of my SIIT friend is also live just on Munster Rd., very very close to my uncle's house — but i still can't manage to see her.just spent most of my daytime there in the restaurant of my relatives na', helping various little things .. not quite a holiday.btw, if anyone like to have Thai food near Fulham,please try Thai Nava 😛

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