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ส่วนใหญ่เป็นซูชิ ไม่ก็เบนโตะ หรือพวกคัทซึด้ง เท็นด้ง
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Flagging the soup of nations

walking around — alone — this night around few corners of London.

found two cars driving around Picadilly Circus, horning & flagging Greek’s flag — as they won over Czech in extra time, just an hour ealier.

not a long time after, it’s a Canada’s flag in Underground, District Line, way to Wimbledon.

before went there at Picadilly, just went for a Thai pub, Siam Sq near Earl’s Court station .. but later changed my mind and went to Picadilly instead.

on the way back to the Earl’s Court station, found a group of Thai teenagers .. 1 boy, 1 girl on the other side of the street, 3 girls at my side — I think one of them got drunk, since she can’t walk by herself and it seems like she just hit some post nearby. no, they didn’t noticed that I’m Thai. read more