jibjib – a tiny Twitter client for your Java ME phone

Developed in open-source fashion by @sugree (93,216 tweets so far, as of 2008.01.13), jibjib* is a Twitter client designed for Twitter-addicted on-the-road.

50 KB in size, easily fits in any Java ME (J2ME) phone (CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 minimum), and still loaded with handy features like quick reply, url-friendly smart retweet, custom/auto word list for quick insertion (like @having or #gaza), and able to open url in a tweet directly. Another plus, small bandwidth consumption, via birdnest proxy (5-6 KB for 20-entries timeline).

And, good news, it’s free software! (free as in free beer and in free speech) You can download either stable or beta version at no cost.

#jibjib – Java ME Twitter client – http://jibjib.org/

*jibjib (จิ๊บจิ๊บ) – Thai for “tweet”, also means “small, easy matters”, and the best of all, it starts with ‘j’ … hey, it’s Java application, don’t you forget? :p

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