WordPress authentication plugin for DokuWiki (updated)

dw-wordpress-auth is an authentication plugin for DokuWiki.
It let DokuWiki uses WordPress authentication instead of its own. This brings more integration in your DW+WP site.

This 1.2.3 version (2008-04-04) works with DokuWiki rc2008-03-31 and WordPress 2.5

Made for Creative Commons Thailand wiki.

dw-wordpress-auth เป็นปลั๊กอินระบบล็อกอินของ DokuWiki โดยมันจะทำให้ DokuWiki ใช้ระบบล็อกอินของ WordPress แทน ทำให้ระบบล็อกอินเป็นอันหนึ่งอันเดียวกันมากขึ้น สำหรับเว็บไซต์ที่ใช้ DokuWiki และ WordPress

รุ่น 1.2.3 (4 เม.ย. 2550) นี้ สำหรับใช้กับ DokuWiki rc2008-03-31 และ WordPress 2.5

ทำสำหรับใช้กับ วิกิครีเอทีฟคอมมอนส์ไทย

Download/ดาวน์โหลด: dw-wordpress-auth-1.2.3.tgz

For other versions/รุ่นอื่น ๆ: http://arthit.googlepages.com/bazaar

Version History

1.2.3 (04/04/2008)
  • Fix magic quotes double-kill bug, by checking MAGIC_QUOTES_STRIPPED flag.
    Code by Jan Wessely http://jawe.net/files/dokuwiki_wordpress/wordpress.class.phps
  • Modify DW’s html_login() in inc/html.php to make DW’s login form
    send login data to WP’s wp-login.php instead (modified html.php is included,
    copy it to inc/).
    If you want the original form back, just remove the code block
    between “START dw-wordpress-auth plugin” and “END dw-wordpress-auth plugin”.
    Then uncommented the following original code block.
1.2.2 (03/04/2008)
  • Modified to make it works with WP 2.5 and DW rc2008-03-31.
  • Updated code to use WP’s get_currentuserinfo(), instead of deprecated wp_get_cookie_login(), as suggested by Jan Wessely http://jawe.net/2008/04/01/wordpress-upgrade/
  • Modify DW’s default template’s main.php to make its login button
    points to WP’s login screen instead (modified main.php is included,
    copy it to lib/tpl/default/).
    If you want the original login button back, just remove the code block
    between “START dw-wordpress-auth plugin” and “END dw-wordpress-auth plugin”.
    Then uncommented the original code line:
1.2.1 (06/11/2007)
  • Modified to make it works with WP 2.3.0 and DW 2007-06-26b.
  • Update code to use WP’s do_action_ref_array, instead of do_action.
  • Swap the order to of user logged in status checking.
    Check for WP’s cookie first, then check for DW’s login form.
    Also if the WP’s cookie is ok, don’t bother checking for DW’s login.
  • Remove RoleID from ‘addUser’ query (don’t know it was for, but it
    doesn’t match the number of values to be inserted)
  • Disabled unrecommended queries related to add/updateUser,
    DW will handle this smartly by hidding related buttons
    from its web interface as well (cool).
1.2 (10/10/2006)

Any issue should be reported to art # siit.net. Thank you 🙂

updated 2008.04.04 19:20 ICT:
correct typo
“use WP’s wp_get_cookie_login(), instead of get_currentuserinfo()”
to “use WP’s get_currentuserinfo(), instead of deprecated wp_get_cookie_login()”.
Thanks Jan Wessely 🙂

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5 responses to “WordPress authentication plugin for DokuWiki (updated)”

  1. ha, you got a typo too 😛Update code to use WP's wp_get_cookie_login(), instead of get_currentuserinfo(), as suggested by[…]It's the other way round 😉

  2. One more thing: I still had to disable magic quotes, to get rid of the backslash bugs.In .htaccess:php_value magic_quotes_gpc Off

  3. haha, we all live with typo – nice catch! :Dhmm, i really got lost in this magic quotes thing.

  4. useful tips from Christopher Smith (posted in dokuwiki mailing list) fyi …Its possible to modify the login form by handling its associated form-output event in an action plugin. If you do that you preserve the integrity of your DW installation for future updates. ie. you won't need to reapply the modifications to inc/html.php.Also see the login redirector plugin.- Chris—-login redirector pluginhttp://wiki.splitbrain.org/plugin:login_redirecto

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