Thai "new media" guy

Pongpan Suriyapat (Tenn), a Thai student at IT University of Göteborg, Sweden (may be in C:ART:MEDIA program, not so sure).
He is also a lecturer at School of ICT, Silpakorn University.
(info from

His website contains his works on interface design, new media art, and architecture. Also links and gallery. ลองเข้าไปดูกันครับ น่าสนใจ

Kinda excited, knowing there’re Thai people doing these stuffs. He’s my (self-claimed) FOAF ! 😛

hmm… CMU, PSU, KMUTT, Silpakorn, these universities are really interesting… Well established, but not TOO established.

Tried not to make it too rude. I’ll introduced myself here as well krub, A’Tenn. I’m Art krub, Pon‘s friend (and also Note‘s friend + I graduated from the same school as King’, who is now at IT Univ as well), now living/working in Potsdam/Berlin 🙂

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