Using The Web For Linguistic Research


Slashdot ว่าไว้:

prostoalex writes “The Economist says linguists are gradually adopting the World Wide Web as a useful corpus for linguistic research. Google is used, among other resources, to research how the written language evolves and how some non-standard examples of usage become more or less acceptable (The Economist quotes the phrase ‘He far from succeeded,’ where ‘far from’ is used as an adverb). LanguageLog is a resource linked in the article, where linguists discuss current peculiarities of the English language.”

แล้วเว็บไทยเขียนผิดๆ ถูกๆ .. ก็ต้องถือว่ามัน ‘ถูก’ ใช่มะ?

Corpus colossal | Language Log

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