TU Rangsit Center from Google Earth

TU Rangsit Center map

In Klong Luang area. Featuring Thammasat University Rangsit Center, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Science Park, and Dhammayaka Temple (the most distinguished construction in the area from the space!).

2 responses to “TU Rangsit Center from Google Earth”

  1. thanks for that! i had trouble to find SIIT but this helped to get it right… a .kml file would be nice though…(i don't know if you saw, i did do something on the french wiki of SIIT! not much, but better than nothing)

  2. hope we can get a better resolution for the rest of the world (that is not US) soon :P(yep. I saw that. Wonder for a while who did that. Aha, it's you! thx! ;))

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