Will move down to London around the mid of this month, to stay with my relative. Although I don’t want to leave this city, but at least it will saves me lots of bills during this while.

My friend, BiGGA, got a job/PhD position at Siemens, Munich, and will move there soon. He asks me today if I also interest in the position as he think they’re still some vacancies. Of course I do, but have to see first if German is a requirement.

Seems like this time of the year is a moving time of people around me. Many of my friends graduated this year and about to going back Thailand, some going back their hometown (i.e. not Bangkok or Rangsit area). While some moving off, Eak (IT) now in UK for his job (or training, I’m not sure), also Kung (Kra-dan). Eak (+his colleague) will come visit Edinburgh on 9-10 Oct, hope we can met.

Same situation here at Edinburgh, Ching already went back. P’Oa, No, Bo, and I are also about to leave. Today, Heriot-Watt gang just leave Edinburgh for 2-weeks Europe trip, and just shortly after they back here, they will leave again for Thailand.


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