How to be a good teacher?

I don’t want to be a lecturer.

How to become a good teacher? My curiousity

I’ve never been a good student. A bit shame about it. But that’s a fact

I like to live (i.e. work) in an environment surrounded with my colleagues and students working (i.e. living) together on things that we do all love. On things that we all want to know — so we all want to get there, find a solution/result

Research? I love it, may be. But only as an instrument of education. Get your hands dirty, do mistakes (again and again), and that’s all about education. Research without education in the picture, I can’t imagine

If I’m gonna be a teacher. I like my students to call me ‘friend’.Well, I should not asking for this. Just let it be

I don’t want to be a lecturer.

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