got da transcript

hmm.. not good not bad.

but hope it should be better than this.

seriously, i realised that the efforts i’ve putted for the exams are not much enough.

to be honest,
passing the exam may considered as an “unexpected result”,
from the way i behaved during the exam period 😛


AI Programming in Java 70 A
Data Intensive Linguistics 45 D*
Dialog and Natural Language Generation 59 C
Introduction to Computational Linguistics 53 C
Natural Language and Speech System Design 64 B
Speech Processing 1 57 C
Techniques in Natural Language Processing 2 67 B
Theoretical Linguistics 67 B
Average 60 B

* note: D means satisfied for diploma, but not for master degree.


just another ‘average’ outcome.

not bad.
but not happy.
but it’s ok.

as ‘ok’, as ‘fine’, as ‘average’.

sounds like i’m ‘sick’ ner~


but it’s not, really.

master project?

let’s see.

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  1. อย่างงี้แปลว่าอะไรอ่ะครับ เรียนจบได้ diploma ยังงี้เหรอ

  2. if the average is above 50 inclusive –> MScbetween 40-49 inclusive –> diplomaelse –> null—-generally, for the UK system:A 70-100 excellentB 60-69 very goodC 50-59 goodD 40-49 satisfactoryE 0-39 fail

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