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ของเก่า ขอเล่าใหม่อีกรอบ (ในบล็อก) is an initiative by European Union to develop and standardize the document formats. It is based on the OASIS Open Office XML Format, which itself based on the XML File Format.

June 03, 2004, Pavel Janik, an developer, blogged:
EU eGovernment policy-makers encourage the uptake of open document formats

good reads:
.intro — Thinking XML: The open office file format
.in-depth — XML Essentials—Using’s XML Data Format read more

9467 -env gsicheck /cygdrive/d/mydocu~1/art/ooo/GSI-cws_srx645_ooo113-th-2.txt | grep “Format of the line is unknown” | wc -l


นี่แสดงว่า กด tab / กด delete
ไปมากกว่าหมื่นครั้งแน่ๆ -_-”


a pretty-printing lover nightmare


from IZ #28970 GSI: new Thai (th) UI translation for 1.1.2 :

——- Additional comments from ihi Tue May 25 05:45:48 -0700 2004 ——-

Hi Arthit,
the provided GSI file contains many format errors! Please take care that the GSI
file format is not violated.

>gsicheck GSI-cws_srx645_ooo113-th-1.sdf | grep “Format of line is unknown” | wc -l


There are 629 lines with the wrong amount of tabs. Please fix that lines.

seems like my ‘pretty printing’ behavior went in bad result eventually T-T read more

missing pieces

Thai OO.o continued

revised lots of translations last night + added new translations.
it seems like the GSI file I playing with now is a one extracted from 1.1.2 source.
so it didn’t well intregrated with the 1.1.1 source in my disk,
some translationed strings cannot find their way in the source code.

have to go to school for cvsing, can’t do it from here.
may be next week, after presentation.


missing pieces, have to find way out read more

m17n-lib / IIIMF /


AIST and Free Standards Group Release Multilingual Library for C Programming Language
“m17n Library Cuts Cost of Multilingualization of Software, Reduces Language Barriers”

ถ้ามีภาษาไทยใน m17n จะทำให้ภาษาไทยไปอยู่ใน “ต้นน้ำ” สะดวกขึ้นมั๊ย?


จากบล็อกเดียวกัน read more XML file format in use


New XML White Paper

This new white paper explains the advantages of the XML file format used by all applications of the StarOffice software. Developers also get a basic introduction to the different tools and resources available for leveraging the XML file format programmatically.

:: the white paper.