Will move down to London around the mid of this month, to stay with my relative. Although I don’t want to leave this city, but at least it will saves me lots of bills during this while.

My friend, BiGGA, got a job/PhD position at Siemens, Munich, and will move there soon. He asks me today if I also interest in the position as he think they’re still some vacancies. Of course I do, but have to see first if German is a requirement.

Seems like this time of the year is a moving time of people around me. Many of my friends graduated this year and about to going back Thailand, some going back their hometown (i.e. not Bangkok or Rangsit area). While some moving off, Eak (IT) now in UK for his job (or training, I’m not sure), also Kung (Kra-dan). Eak (+his colleague) will come visit Edinburgh on 9-10 Oct, hope we can met. read more

Flagging the soup of nations

walking around — alone — this night around few corners of London.

found two cars driving around Picadilly Circus, horning & flagging Greek’s flag — as they won over Czech in extra time, just an hour ealier.

not a long time after, it’s a Canada’s flag in Underground, District Line, way to Wimbledon.

before went there at Picadilly, just went for a Thai pub, Siam Sq near Earl’s Court station .. but later changed my mind and went to Picadilly instead.

on the way back to the Earl’s Court station, found a group of Thai teenagers .. 1 boy, 1 girl on the other side of the street, 3 girls at my side — I think one of them got drunk, since she can’t walk by herself and it seems like she just hit some post nearby. no, they didn’t noticed that I’m Thai. read more

High Street Kensington, London

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Just come here to visit my relatives
(by the ‘order’ of my parents).

They run a Thai restuarant somewhere around Fulham, New King’s Road, I think.

Yesterday, I was there at their restaurant and help a bit about billing form things.
But today is my day, and like to spend it like a ‘holiday’ (though very short one :P).

Used to be around here once back in Febraury this year, a very brief visit.
The surroundings are great, I mean it’s just an urban life that I like.
Anyway, it’s just a visit, not live .. so I can’t say much. read more