a message from Potsdam

Got an e-mail from Potsdam yesterday. Thank you.

Thank you Manfred Stede, Heike Bieler, Stefanie Dipper, and all the nice people at Applied Computational Linguistics Lab, Uni Potsdam.

While of course there were difficult days I spent there, all everything in sum is a good pleasure memory. Parts of the current mine were built there. A little building covered with snow in an always-under-construction campus, with a small train station that always put me to the run (or else wait for another one hour). People in the canteen. That creamy yogurt dessert. Table knocking in the seminars. Beach volleyball behind the building. Miss all thing Golm.

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  1. ตอนนี้ potsdam เต็มไปด้วยสิ่งกำลังสร้างใหม่วะ 😛

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