Hosting for Grails = 🙁

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one-liner: ผมอยากใช้ Grails แต่โฮสติ้งจาวามันแพง

To me, Grails is a very interesting webapp framework.
Inspired (or copied) from Ruby on Rails, it do convention over configuration, scaffolding, instantly CRUD, etc. More over, you can use tons of quality Java libraries (or anything that runs on JVM) out there — seemlessly. This is, for me, a very big plus, as most of the NLP libraries that I currently use, or willing to use in the future, are in Java.

Still, I cannot at this moment join the Grails wagon. Hostings that support Java servlet are just way way too expensive, totally not affordable to me. Like to see this exciting framework get success, but I’m afraid that Grails will never get into a mainstream until this hosting price ‘problem’ has been fixed.

Any recommended Grails/Java hosting ? Or I better find some friends to share a dedicated server ?

updated (2007.04.26):
Grails hosting?, Groovy Users of Minnesota
Grails Hosting, Grails home

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  1. does java hosting. I believe the cheapest account is about 6.95 USD per month. I've used their free service from time to time to try out some webapps.

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