(Nearly) Free Speech hosting

เมืองไทยมีอะไรแบบนี้ไหม ? แล้วใครเคยใช้บ้าง จริงไหม ?

กด ๆ ดู invisiblog.net (ซึ่งเหมือนจะหยุดให้บริการไปแล้ว)

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Hosting for Grails = :(

(Looks like GroovyBlogs.org is not support Thai yet.)

one-liner: ผมอยากใช้ Grails แต่โฮสติ้งจาวามันแพง

To me, Grails is a very interesting webapp framework.
Inspired (or copied) from Ruby on Rails, it do convention over configuration, scaffolding, instantly CRUD, etc. More over, you can use tons of quality Java libraries (or anything that runs on JVM) out there — seemlessly. This is, for me, a very big plus, as most of the NLP libraries that I currently use, or willing to use in the future, are in Java. read more