The Artificial Artificial Intelligence

Why bother spending years and bucks (quids, baths, whatever) developing AI ? As, for some applications, we can use human – faster1 and cheaper2 !

ใช้คนแทนคอม เว็บเซอร์วิสใหม่จากอมาซอน

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Beta), new web service from Amazon.

You write a code, send a query to the service, the service will ask real human (flesh & blood included), and respond your code back with his/her answer.

I’m thinking of Matrix…


  1. in a sense that you don’t have to wait until someone can come up with an intelligent algorithm that can solve your problem. why wait ? as human can solve it, now.
  2. you’ve to pay for each answer, and Amazon takes 10% out of it. that’s a business model.

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