X's commencement day My second bro, the youngest and probably the brightest in our family, now Mr. “B.Sc. Information Technology”. A bioinformatics lover who now got stucked with SAP — welcome to the “real world” !

Oat's commencement day My first bro, just next to me, now Mr. “B.Arch. Industrial Design”. A graphic designer wannabe. But what he is actually doing right now eh ? (well, his MSN screenname: get DRUNK!!! give me a clue -_-“)

Art err… who else la’ ? 😛 hmm.. I should name myself something .. information technology ?, may be. cognitive science ?, not that complicated. social something ? .. I don’t know, thinking about changing my field of study… something geometry ? grassroots ? language ? .. an area that people heavily interact with technologies is what I’m looking forward. Ok, got one. What about Mr. “B.Fore. It’s Too Late” ? Dream on, Art, and don’t forget to do it.

for this moment, just Let’s Celebrate! (but wait for me na~)

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