High Street Kensington, London

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Just come here to visit my relatives
(by the ‘order’ of my parents).

They run a Thai restuarant somewhere around Fulham, New King’s Road, I think.

Yesterday, I was there at their restaurant and help a bit about billing form things.
But today is my day, and like to spend it like a ‘holiday’ (though very short one :P).

Used to be around here once back in Febraury this year, a very brief visit.
The surroundings are great, I mean it’s just an urban life that I like.
Anyway, it’s just a visit, not live .. so I can’t say much.

Yesterday, the fantastic Portugal won over the boring Holland for 2-1 (and Dutchmen got absolutely no goal from their own efforts, that 1 is an own goal).

Thinking of someone far away.

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