Addies and Siam Square

Addies is a very famous pub among Thai people in London. Not sure about the status of Siam Square but there’s a lot of Thai people there too, so it should be somewhat famous lae’

Haven’t go out for a while esp in a place with lots of Thai people .. it just reminds me of Khao Sarn Road or Thong Lor .. thinking of my friends and how crazy we were at that time .. that was a load of fun. IT Fest’, I miss you.

Addies tonight, probably every night — I’m not sure, was packed with loads of people .. I mean, it very hard to walk from A to B in this pub. Every girls are cute, by the way. Or may be it just because the light was so very dim 😛

For Siam Square, it’s a different style.. the place is more spacey, comparing to Addies. And having lots of seats/tables. Highlight of the pub is Thai karaoke, wow.

The really great thing about this night out is, for the whole night, I spend just only 0p (zero p). Woa, that sounds incredible. But, well, that’s just because my uncle paid me all the drinks. Also, I was lucky enough to got a “free” ticket from a very kind girl at the underground station. It’s a day ticket (which can be used as many times as you like within one day). Probably she just doesn’t had to have it anymore. Anyway, yeah, how lucky I am 🙂

Actually now I’m a bit .. hmm… drunk .. but, well, I don’t know.

Better finished by now.

Sorry if there’s any phrase/sentence that you found inappropriate.

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  1. Addies ก็มีคาราโอเกะนะ ปกติเพลงใหม่กว่าด้วยไป Thai Square รึยัง? (Trafalgar square)และ เจอไอ้วินรึยัง? เอาเบอร์มั๊ย? IC อยู่ใกล้แค่นั้นเอง เห็นช่วงนี้อยู่ high street ken, earls court, ก็เดินถึงแล้วนะChris

  2. pls mail me his number na krub.Thai Square? Nope, not yet. Will try na… may be after I got (any kind of) job first, don't have much money at the moment 😛

  3. IT Fest ที่เพิ่งผ่านมาทุกคน บ่นถึงพี่อาทกันหมดเรย ..ชักจะอยากเจอแร้วซี่ 🙂

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