A Talk by Bruce Eckel: Java Issues & Directions

A talk given at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, on June 25, 2004.

Bruce is an author of very famous Thinking in C++ and Thinking in Java books.

streaming video (2 hrs 16 mins)

on first 50 mins, he covers

  • garbage collection is the way for new languages to go — program managability
  • problems with Java’s checked exception
  • Java just has too many ‘words’ (too long code) — maintainability
  • classpath nightmare — At the very least we need a equivalent of “which” (in Unix)
  • Applets have failed
  • Truly “Write Once, Run Anywhere” from other camps — Microsoft XAML + Aurora vs Macromedia Flash + MXML + Flex
  • Java on Desktop
  • Eclipse 3.0 as a rich client platform
  • Java is good on server
  • developers: write once learning curve (Java is bad. too complex)
  • users: seamlessly run anywhere (Java is bad, too complex)
  • JDK 5.0 new features: generics, autoboxing, enumerations, attributes/metadata, new concurrency, syntax improvements (e.g. for-each) — competition is good

with a lot mentionings to Python

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