Tag: Ruby

  • Scripting with Eclipse

    Eclipse plug-ins for popular scripting languages: Ruby, Python, PHP, and even Perl ! To install any of them to your Eclipse IDE: Click on Help → Software Updates → Find/Install from file menu in Eclipse. Select the radio button labeled, “search for new features to install”. Click on the “New Remote Site” button. Enter a…

  • A day with Web/DB application frameworks

    Ruby on Rails is on the highlight (อ่าน pok’s blogger มีเรื่องนี้เยอะ พร้อมตัวอย่างจริง). For Python, there’s Subway, Django, and SQLObject. — For PHP, there’re Cake and PHP on Trax. — Java, Trails. — Groovy, Grails. — .NET, MonoRail. Most of them are Rails-inspired (well, Cake itself aggressively claims it’s actually a rip-off!) นั่งเขียนเว็บบอร์ดใหม่เล่น ๆ ดีกว่า จะได้ลองหัดพวกนี้มั่ง…

  • Ajaxxxx

    What’s new in the world of Ajax-based web developement ? keep read: Ajaxian Blog Jots » ajax Open AJAX Ajax Blog Ajax toolkit for calling a server-side function directly from a client side (JavaScript): JPSPAN (PHP) SAJAX (ASP ColdFusion Io Lua Perl PHP Python Ruby)