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  • information aesthetics

    information aesthetics “ form follows data – data visualization & visual culture ” via chris

  • Information Visualisation @ AIT

    InfoVis Course at CSIM, Asian Institute of Technology by Paul Janecek

  • information aesthetics

    information aesthetics – form follows data – towards creative information visualization 10×10 – 100 Words and Pictures the Define the Time newsmap, stamen – news visualization more on visualization …, part 2 And don’t forget to try this, … have you got books about Thailand ?

  • Information visualization

    book: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information book: Envisioning Information book: Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative php lib: Sparkline PHP Graphing Library java lib: prefuse, for interactive information visualization

  • SparkLines

    It’s about “data visualization”. SparkLines Bissantz’s sparklines fonts, add-ons for MS Office. more (in Thai) at pok’s blogger.

  • VanillVista

    content relations visualization. blog | VanillaVista music | MusicVine search | KartOO Visualizing and Browsing WWW Semantic Content