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  • Commenting How To

    Successful Strategies for Commenting Code by Ryan Campbell

  • Run .jar as .exe

    เรียกใช้งานไฟล์ .jar ของจาวา เหมือนเรียกใช้ไฟล์ .exe .com .bat ทั่ว ๆ ไปของวินโดวส์ Run Java jar file from Windows 2000/XP command-line like a native executable. A technique from James Clark (I got it from XML Hacks book). At a command-line, type these two commands: assoc .jar=jarfile ftype jarfile=(JAVA_HOME)\bin\java -jar %1 %* Then, change PATHEXT and PATH environment variables.…

  • TweakHound’s Super XP Tweaking Guide

    Boosted up your Windows XP.

  • CFLAGS for Pentium M

    Some sez Pentium M is architecturally more close to Pentium 3, with few additional features from Pentium 4, and big L2 cache. Thus, in general, gcc optimization should treat it as Pentium 3. In other words, *NOT* Pentium 4. But some also reported that they got a good experience with -march=pentium4. Meanwhile, Intel website suggests…