TIME’s Top 10 Bank Slogans

Happy Meltdown Year with TIME’s Top 10 Bank Slogans. Tweeted these yesterday, feel like sharing them again here (just to make some updates in this blog :p). More Top 10 lists of 2008 like this in TIME magazine, 22 Dec 2008 issue.

Top 10 Bank Slogans (in parentheses is mine)

  • #10 T. Rowe Price: “Invest with confidence” (Bankrupt with coincidence)
  • #9 Nationwide: “Protection” (protect who? bankers? customers?)
  • #8 Security Pacific Bank: “Smarter money” (and smaller too! beautiful)
  • #7 Morgan Stanley: “World wise” (ok, that’s why what they did locally is so dumb)
  • #6 World Financial Group: “No family left behind” (just die up front)
  • #5 Capital One: “What’s in your wallet?” (fake 1000 Baht banknotes)
  • #4 IndyMac: “You can count on us” (because they can’t count themselves)
  • #3 AIG: “The strength to be there” (just gone)
  • #2 Lehman Brothers: “Where vision gets built” (and later gets realized that it’s a bad vision)
  • #1 Washington Mutual: “Whoo hoo!” (wow, ‘Surprisssee!’)

(don’t be serious, it’s holiday time!)

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