Does anyone played with your CV ?

Cool idea, embedded some code into the CV, and let it speaks for itself, if it has been altered or not. Wow.

David Mertz‘s Resume and Curriculum Vitae:

My resume is available strictly as source code in one of several scripting languages. The cute idea is to include just enough concise code in each version to make the document sensitive to unauthorized modifications (as head-hunters are wont to). Run each version as indicated within the document, and it will report on its own authenticity.

ลองเล่นดู เท่มาก เก็บ CV ไว้ในสตริง แล้วก็เช็คว่าสตริงนั้นถูกแก้ไปรึเปล่า ? (จากความยาว หรือ MD5 เป็นต้น)

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