XINS : XML Interface for Network Services

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Nov 16, 2004: XINS 1.0.0 released
After 2 years of development, XINS version 1.0.0 has been released.

XINS is a technology used to define, create and invoke remote APIs. XINS is specification-oriented. When API specifications are written (in XML), XINS will transform them to HTML-based documentation and Java code for both the client- and the server-side. The communication is based on HTTP.

XINS competes with the overcomplex SOAP technology. Main design goals include simplicity, scalability and testability.

XINS is not only a specification technology, but also an application development framework. It offers transaction logging, unique log documentation and active code generation.

For more information read the user guide and have a look at the demonstration page.

XINS home | User Guide | Javadoc | Roadmap


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