Labor omnia vincit

just follows the links around, from Gowza’s blog,
and found this very familair phrase.


“labor overcomes all difficulties”

it’s a motto appears in the arm of the Brothers of St. Gabriel.

it’s also a motto of Oklahoma state in the US.


7 responses to “Labor omnia vincit”

  1. Yeah. I am so emotional now. Don't know why.Missing the place where I belong.คิดถึงบ้าน

  2. This's iChris.ok, the world is indeed kinda small. I'm สพพ รุ่น 2 from SG. i'd say yours is the first blog I saw by SG's folks 🙂

  3. iChris again.Am I being an arse and didn't recognize I'm actually สพพ 2 and you're my friend? Or are you being an arse and didn't recognize me even after seeing my face on my web? 😛

  4. สพพ 3 !so you're Chris ?at the back of the room?well, I don't think anyone can recognized you by that very… นายแบบ / posterized picture na :Pkinda small world?yes, of course.btw, how are you 😉

  5. pushing to finish may darn phd thesis now 😛 been away too long and can't wait to go home…really really nice to see your blog!!btw, any recent pics of you somewhere? It's been.. like.. 10 years? :PChris

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