Got a Thai localization freelance job ‘call for application’. Which is quite interesting for me, as a freelance job.

But the thing is, I didn’t own any copy of TRADOS1. And that’s a big problem, because it’s the most important requirement.

Question. If I have to buy a copy of TRADOS Freelance, which will cost me €795, will it going to be worth? (Where ‘worth’ means, if I can earn more than €795 in a short term, say, less than 3 months?)

Have no idea, never have a ‘professional experience’ in this industry. The thing I know now is €795 worth a lot for me, it could be a three months flat rent, so I have to ‘invest’ it wisely.

[1] TRADOS is a ‘de facto’ standard Computer-Aided Translation tool, widely use in the localization industry. One of its key features is a translation memory.


Just finished updating my CV on Sunday. Looking forward to apply for a job — anywhere — preferably not in Thailand, yet.

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