issues on OO.o word counts


IZ #4568 : usability, features
IZ #10356 : not counting spaces
IZ #14050 : not counting headers/footers
IZ #17964 : counting selection, Asian languages
IZ #19692 : not counting in-brackets
IZ #24038 : readability score

and could be more…

6 responses to “issues on OO.o word counts”

  1. Hello laa…..Me form the Aus-STRA-Lian CAPITAL mate. Just saying hello.Thanks for my blog visiting mate.

  2. D Bact'How did you find me? I've also noticed that you posted on my friend Mue's page. Do you know him? How did you end up in Scotland? CoolcoolChok deeTim

  3. To be honest,I just "surfing" around :P– follow the links –At the first place, I was thinking that you're Thai (from your name, I mean the Thai script you used).Btw, your gaming stuffs are cool 😉

  4. hmm.. many Thai people, esp those who born in the cities, have nickname in foreign language a' krub(some are English, some are in Chinese).and you also spelled it in Thai alphabets 😉

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