In the search for Dr. Siriporn Thipkong

Last week, a guy from University of Queensland, Mr. Peter Galbraith, sent me an email asking about contact address of one prof in Thailand.

The only link that Mr. Peter has about ‘him’ (in his own word, but actually she is ‘her’) is that (s)he is working for the Mathematics Association of Thailand.

For some reason (don’t ask me), his internet search found that string in my CV. So, as I’ve told you earlier, he mailed me .. with a little hope, that I may know her.

Well, I don’t know her.
But it seems that this thing is really important for him.
So I try to search the internet with her name “Siriporn Thipkong”.

Gotcha. Google do it best in its job. I got a link to Department of Education, Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University (in Thailand). So it turns out that she no longer working for the math assoc.

After few clicks, I found her contact info, including email address.
So I replied him with all the info I’ve found.
(Good boy? 😛 Well, I’m not really that kind of good person. I just have ‘too much’ time .. do me a favor, don’t tell my supervisor about this .. ok? — great.)

Anyway, may be the info on the web is not that update as I was thought. After he tried to email her with the email address I gave, it bounced back. Ka-ching.

Don’t know where to go. But still feel that he should have something really important. My last option is internet discussion board, just ask the people outthere. Hoping someone will read it and reply.

And just ten minutes before this, there is a reply.

Thanks (…fill in what you believe in here…),
it works.


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Six degree of separation.

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