Fireworks @ Edinburgh Castle

The finale of the Edinburgh International Festival 2004.

Everything was over now, all the Festivals of Edinburgh greatest weeks, just as same as my hell-week dissertation period.
It’s such a bad report, I can bet you on that. Some evaluation parts have been missed out, as I cannot managed to run every experiments in time (machine learning system already takes time .. even I did realised that, but the time I had spared for it is clearly not enough).

My little laptop’s harddisk was also gone two weeks ago, without any warning.
Probably it was because of several power surges during that week at my flat,
or may be just because I have hitted my laptop with my flat’s frontdoor. But for any reason, it went down just only five days before the due date. And I don’t have any backup -_-“

The laptop was no longer able to boot from harddisk since then. Fortunately, I can recover some of the data using Knoppix LiveCD. After boot my laptop from the CD,
I can mount to one of my NTFS partition and copy my disseration from that partition, including source codes of my program. Anyway, another partition was already gone, during my efforts to make the harddisk to boot again. The bad thing is most of my preprocessed data is just there in that partition. So I’ve to rerun all of my scripts again — but that’s fine .. better than losing everthing.

Frankly, I have no idea how can I passed the previous week ..

Still waiting for a result of my dissertation. I expect my markers would ask me to do some extra work on my report. And I’m very glad to do so, as I know that the submitted copy is just not good enough .. at least to my feeling. The project is alright, the report is not.

So have a good day everybody — I’ll leave the library for the Sony Centre nearby to claims my new harddisk (hope they will give me a real new one, not a refurbished one.).

Do backup your data today!

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