Building OOo with MS VC++ Toolkit 2003 : Issues

Compiled from OOo mailing lists (dev-help@ja, dev@l10n)

Additional Resources:

  1. (VC++ Toolkit 2003 with OOo) [Japanese]
  2. dev-help@ja
  3. IZ #27980 (Visual Studio 2003)

MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
do has: C++ command-line compiler and linker (the same as in VS 2003), Standard C++ libraries (including STL)
does’t has: assembler (workaround: masm32), MFC and ATL libraries

joerg.barfurth at sun com reported:
IIRC there are some modules (of ‘external’ origin) that build using a Visual Studio project file. For those projects the VC++ toolkit would be insufficient.

tuomo at openoffice org reported:

  • comsupp.lib required for dtranse
  • “old iostram libraries” (as MS refers to) required throughout the source.

olivier at ig com br reported:
configure (winenv.set) needs adjustments to pick mspdb71.dll, as OOo 1.1.1 looks to mspdb?0.dll

more discussions will follow, in dev@tools

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