swath 0.3.4 Released

โปรแกรมตัดคำ swath ออกรุ่น 0.3.4 แล้ว

Swath 0.3.4 released. Swath (Smart Word Analysis for THai) is a word segmentation for Thai. Swath offers 3 algorithms: Longest Matching, Maximal Matching and Part-of-Speech Bigram. The program supports various file input format such as html, rtf, LaTeX as well as plain text.

Changes from 0.3.1 (the most recent version in Ubuntu repo is 0.3.1)

  • More secure temporary file handling.
  • Fix regression introduced during portability fix in 0.3.2. (Bug report by Pisut Tempatarachoke)
  • Fix bug that prevent ‘-u u,u’ from working. (Bug report by Neutron Soutmun)
  • Minor code and doc improvements.
  • Fix char signedness portability issues.
  • Improved messages and documentation.

Get the latest version from ftp://linux.thai.net/pub/thailinux/software/swath/

More info at http://linux.thai.net/node/117 (posted by thep)

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