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  • Social Intelligence

    “social intelligence” — “ปัญญาสังคม”? เออ มันคืออะไรหว่า ? … As long as the society becomes more complex these intellectual competences become more sophisticated. This competence is social intelligence and can be defined as the intelligence that lies behind group interactions and behaviours. This type of intelligence is closely related to cognition and emotional intelligence. The interest…

  • Swarm.org

    SwarmWiki – A resource for agent- and individual-based modelers and the home of Swarm hosted by Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan tags: swarm agent

  • Swarm Intelligence

    As promised to airuko few days ago, here’re links to webpages and books related to “Swarm Intelligence”. Swarm Intelligence book from Santa Fe Institute and Swarm Intelligence book by Russell, et al., both available in Amazon.co.uk. / Research group at Santa Fe Institute. / Lots of SI links. Hmm… this is one of the new…