Sun E450 as a car audio

This guy use Sun E450, running Solaris 10, as his in-car mp3 player.

Multi-processor, for great audio quality.
Loads of disks, serving different songs for a whole month.

Just an idea for your car audio solution 😉


a comment from /., by jeffkjo1 :

“Dad, I’m sick of this song”

“Ok, son, just use your terminal to telnet into the e450 and modify the rc script to exclude that song”

“Can’t we just get one of those dvd players like Jimmy has?”

“No. Use the supercomputer. You need to learn solaris.” read more

Solaris 10 Preview

(first of all, it’s not a free software.
but it has its place, like many many other things around you — right now.)

some of the interesting new/improved features:

– Chip Multithreading (improve performance)
N1 Grid Containers (improve utilization)
– Predictive self healing (reduce downtime)
– Dynamic File System (reduce admin works)
DTrace (real-time system tracking)
– Cryptographic infrastructure (security)
– Process rights management (security)
Zones (security, resource management) read more