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วันนี้คุณปอนด์ก็(ขยัน)ส่งลิงก์มาให้ชมอีกแล้วนะครับ วันนี้เกี่ยวกะเพลง อ่ะห้า…

“Like how you feel” (2006) album @ (“อ้วน อาร์มแชร์” ไง)

I feel myself a music lover, not a musician. I like to listen to slow music which I consider as background melody of my daily life, the kind of music which begins its story with simple melody consisting of only few pieces of music instrument. This project has started accidentally in my brain of which some of the songs were written to release the feeling that I couldn’t express in words with any one. Some are easy, simple, meaningless songs just like the breeze that blows through. My purpose in making this album is to try to make songs that naturaly tell the story of my everyday feeling and, of course, to earn a living to live my regular life : ) read more