bangspace – a Bangkok hackerspace

It’s already three months, since Bangkok’s hackerspace – “bangspace” opens its doors to hacker community in Bangkok. It’s a slow start, but we getting more and more people who show interest of joining the space. Everybody are welcome to join the space, membership is also welcome. The hackerspace is just on Ekamai 2, walking distant from skytrain (BTS Ekamai).

Some of the bangspace members now starts a project to build UAV RC Airplane together, using ardupilot hardware. read more

[12-13 Dec] Neoteny Singapore Camp 1, will join

together with @kengggg, we #Opendream will join Mozilla Drumbeat ignite talk, which is part of Neoteny Singapore Camp 1

also invade the Hackerspace Singapore 🙂

and see if we can make something like hackerspace, co-working space, here as well …

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