TWA/DSI in OIC Internet Censorship Investigation Subcommittee

Inside the Official Information Commission, there’s a “Internet censorship investigation subcommittee” which taking care of the information disclosure and information access on the Internet and investigating the Internet censorship case if it occurs.

The president of the Thai Webmaster Association (TWA) (or his/her representative) is an ex-officio member of that Internet censorship investigation subcommittee.

This seems perfectly okay. Until it happens that the new president of TWA is Pol Col Yanapol Yangyeun, Commander of Office of Technology and Information Cases under the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), who heavily involves with the Internet censorship himself. read more

Out of 20, we got 1 1/2. Ok, that’s something. Move on.

Office of the Official Information Commission (O.I.C.) asked Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to reveal names of people who MICT has contacted with for blocking business (item no.12) and partially-disclosed blocklist (item no.15), as requested by an Internet freedom group, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand.

MICT admitted that it has blocked 1,893 websites before the Computer-related Crime Act came into enforcement — Porn 1,663 / Selling illegal goods (e.g. IP violation) 161 / Lese majeste 26 / Against national security 21 / Gambling 21 / Against religion and good moral 1. read more