What d’you expected from me ?

I’m running one website on a voluntary basis.

At the first place, it was a meeting point of me and my friends. It was fun. Scripting and chatting. Great time.

Time goes by. The community around the site is getting bigger and bigger.
Many people about to expect me to “take care” of everybody behavior on that site.

I’m not a police.

This is not fun.

Try to see this as a challenge. May be I can come up with a new script. The ideal is a self-organizing forum. Just let the community take care of itself.

Tried many available discussion board scripts on the internet. None met my needs.

But. As I’m not fun with it anymore. Where I can get a movitation to do so.

World’s full of complicated things. Difficult decision makings.

I can speak for no one.

4 responses to “What d’you expected from me ?”

  1. "voluntary" … Keyword. ;)"Many people about to expect me to "take care" of everybody behavior on that site." … Actually, it's all about what do you expect of your website (and probably yourself).Basically, it's your website so … :

  2. I think your problem is much alike (not exact) my problem on my previous blog. For me, there are 3 choices:- Keep working (self explanation)- Ignore (I choose this)- Abandon (Just like OSS hackers when they're bored)

  3. Yourself will help you find the best answer.Sometimes we couldn't serve everyone's expectation…But it's "You" who know you are trying the best…And "We" know it has meaning.Cheer up !

  4. Maybe it is because you guys (admins) were too strong on your "free of speech", no delete from the first place.Anyway, what can i say. It is your webboard. You have your governace policy and I respect it.

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