Monkees – I’m a believer

It happens like I haven’t blog this, err.., blog in English for a long while.

My English skill goes worse and worse since I’ve been here, while my German skill hasn’t go anywhere .. I mean improvement.

Even for my Thai, my very mother language, it is somewhat bad right now, especially for my insanely speaking skill. My close friend tell me recently that, she feel strange with my way of talking …

OK. Will study Japanese1 then.

Why this language?Not a serious one: May be because the study material is very easy to find on the net, thanks to BitTorrent. The downside is, these materials have only few conversations (almost the same scenario for most materials) and a very limited set of vocabulary (and most of them are very short). – If you found this no funny at all, sorry. I never meant to insult anyone 🙁 — Serious one: I want to spend some years of my life there in Japan. I mean only if I could pass this troublesome period of my life na. Knowing local language never hurts.

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  1. Yep, I agree.You should know some Japanese before coming here.It makes life easier.

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