The Good Die Young

“remember that while the good die young,
the best remain forever young”

from Picture This: Debbie Harry and Blondie by Mick Rock

Blondie is one of my favorite band. You have to listen to their live album. It just really LIVE.
The tide is high, One way or another, Atomic, and etc.
Though I definitely knows the first two songs mentioned since I was very young, I actually do knows/cares about who’s singing the song when I was in the university (undergrad), as at that time a remix version of Atomic was used in Coke ads during France 98 World Cup.

Tonight make it magnificent
Make me tonight

Your hair is beautiful
Oh, tonight
Oh Atomic

It was just a ‘click’, the song just stunned me, and made me wants to know who’s the band.

while the good die young, the bad die also, as everybody does.
you would love to read this ..
เตรียมตัวตายอย่างมีสติ – พระไพศาล วิสาโล (sorry, it’s in Thai).

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  1. ดีใจที่ผมตัดสินใจเป็นพวก forever young (อิอิ)

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