Will go to Brighton this Sunday.

From a northern part to the very south of UK.

It will, surely, takes around 9 hours to go there, train-ing.
And it will, hopefully, takes me another 3 years there, training.

Still fighting 😉

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  1. สู้เขาไอ้น้องชาย หวังว่าจะได้ข่าวดี

  2. Hi Art, this is Naoto Sato at Sun.I happened to find your comment on my blog today when I was cleaning up tons of comment spams (yes, we are getting them and we have to clean up ourselves, sigh). Sorry not responding to you so long.Looks like you moved to UK to become a student, right? Great.BTW, I also find you at Orkut and sent an invitation. Hope you will accept it :)See you later.

  3. Hi Naoto,yes, now I'm in UK (or more precisely, Scotland 🙂 ).about to finished my master this month.nice to 'see' you again :)I'll check my Orkut today.

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